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Why Disposables?

In today’s world, when diseases are spreading faster than one can imagine and newer diseases
are emerging, it becomes very important to take all the necessary precautions to prevent infection
and contamination.

Prevention as the old adage goes is better than cure,

In order to curb the spread of infection and combat against micro-organisms in the environment,
Medicast Trading L.L.C has come up with an entire range of disposable health wear products.

Their features are:

1) Easy to use.
2) Prevent patients from directly transmiting infection & vice versa.
3) Reduce contamination.
4) Help in controlling the spread of contagious diseases.
5) Maintain total hygiene.
6) Cost – effective.

Tapes and Bandages
Gauze and Cotton Dressings
Non Woven Range
Face Masks
Gowns and Aprons

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